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Are You Ready To Backpack The Middle East?

This site has the information about the countries, cities, and cultures you’ll encounter during any backpacking trip in the Middle East. The region in general has a bad reputation which scares off many travelers. Also, budget travel isn’t well developed in the Middle East so you may find yourself with more questions than answers.

The truth of the matter is that the entire Middle East is a varied and diverse place with all of the good and bad aspects you’ll find in any other region in the world. The Middle East is yours to travel if you’re willing to do so and the Middle East Backpacking Guide will help get you ready.

Where Do You Want To Go?

Backpacking the Middle East can open a variety of adventures. Much of the nations in the Middle East are still developing their tourism industries and it can be a bit more work for budget travelers to find information and get around but it’s hardly impossible. From Roman ruins to magnificent Ottoman mosques, the Middle East will surprise and amaze you while at the same time allowing you to examine your previous impressions.

Information About These Countries And More

Turkey | Bahrain | Iran | Kuwait | United Arab Emirates | Israel | Jordan | Lebanon

You may not know where to go in the Middle East or perhaps be looking for reasons to backpack there in the first place. Most of the Middle East however is available to you and we hope to show you each place so you can find the best fit for your next Middle East backpacking trip.

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Backpacking In Israel

jerusalem old city market

Backpackers traveling around the Middle East will need to plan their trip to Israel carefully, especially if you will be visiting other nearby nations such as Yemen or Iran. In any event, long term travelers and backpackers should make sure upon arrival into Israel, that their passport stamps are put on a blank, separate piece […]

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Backpacking In Tel Aviv

tel aviv market

Tel Aviv is the second largest city in Israel after Jerusalem, and is located on the Mediterranean coastline of the country. Tel Aviv is about 52 kilometers (32.3 miles) away from Jerusalem, and serves as the economic heart of Israel. Safety Safety and terrorism are often some of the first things that come to mind […]

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Backpacking In Petra


Petra, located about 300 kilometers south of Amman, is Jordan’s most popular tourist attraction. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Petra draws in hundreds of thousands of travelers backpacking in Jordan from around the world every year. History Known as the Rose-Red City because of the color of the rock from which it was carved, Petra […]

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Backpacking In Jerusalem

jerusalem souq

Jerusalem is one of the most historical cities in the world and top spots to visit when backpacking in Israel. It is considered the holiest city in Judaism, as well as one of the holy cities in both Christianity and Islam. Jerusalem’s status and location makes it one of the most interesting, and arguably one […]

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Backpacking In Beirut

khatem al anbiyaa mosque Beirut lebanon

For over two decades, Beirut’s tourism sector was virtually nonexistent as was backpacking in Lebanon. In recent years, tourism has begun to grow as the capital of Lebanon, (and the rest of the country), has a lot of culture and history to offer visitors. Safety Petty theft is not a big concern in Beirut, but […]

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Backpacking In Amman

amman jordan

Though a large city of 2 million inhabitants, Amman is also rich in history. Its history goes back over nine millennial, dating back to the Stone Age and one of the cities to visit when backpacking in Jordan. It is also home to one of the largest Neolithic settlements in the Middle East. Amman has […]

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