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in Israel

Jerusalem is one of the most historical cities in the world and top spots to visit when backpacking in Israel. It is considered the holiest city in Judaism, as well as one of the holy cities in both Christianity and Islam. Jerusalem’s status and location makes it one of the most interesting, and arguably one of the most controversial, cities on the planet. It is a main attraction on many Middle East backpacking routes, and with good reason.


The intercity bus system in Jerusalem can be somewhat confusing, but luckily all bus rides are for a fixed price of about NIS 6.20 (USD $1.60), no matter how long you stay on the bus. This is useful and considerate to your wallet if you get confused or lost. There is a bus catered specifically for tourists, which provides a tour of the entire city for 45 Israeli New Shekels for adults (about USD $11) and 36 NIS ($9.50) for children. Conveniently, Jerusalem is a city that caters to pedestrians in many parts. The Old City, for example, is better seen by foot because many streets are not accessible to cars and other vehicles.

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Israel is generally a bit more expensive than the rest of the Middle East, and this includes hostel prices. The Alcazar Hotel is top rated with HostelBookers, and it is a family run hotel located in the center of East Jerusalem. It offers amenities such as free internet access, free linens and towels, and a complimentary continental breakfast every morning. For a triple room, the cost is about 20 Euros per person per night, a double room costs about 27 euros per person, and a single room costs about 33 euros per night. The hostel also offers free daily guided walking tours to the Old City.

HostelBookers ranked the Citadel Hostel as one of the most popular hostels in the Africa category of hostels. It is located in the heart of the Old City, near the Jaffa Gate. It boasts affordable prices, free internet access, free city tours, and more. This hostel is unique in that the building is over 700 years old. Shared rooms with 6 to 12 beds range in price from 9 to 13 euros. Private rooms range from about 10 to 29 euros.

Dome of the Rock

Built in 692, the Dome of the Rock is the most recognized site in Jerusalem. It is the oldest standing Islamic building in the world, but it is also significant in Judaism and Christianity. Although non Muslims are not allowed in the Dome or the mosque themselves, there are times when they are permitted into the Temple Mount. Entering the Temple Mount is free, but modest attire is required. There is however, an admission fee for those who are permitted to enter the Dome and the two mosques of NIS 38, (4.75 euros).

Jerusalem is a tourist attraction that is growing in popularity for its history and religious significance. The city, and the country of Israel in general, is highly secured. But as with any other location, there are potential security risks. Petty crime rates are low and staying in Jerusalem is generally safe.

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