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in Turkey

Ankara, the capital of modern Turkey, is a city that is often overlooked and in the shadow of the lively Istanbul. Ankara is the administrative and official capital, while Istanbul is considered to be the culture capital of Turkey. While Ankara is not the typical tourist town, it offers great insight into Turkey’s modern history.


Anitkabir is the mausoleum of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey. Building of Anitkabir finished in 1953, and the mausoleum is a memorial and the final resting place of Ataturk. It is here that you can begin to understand the important place that Ataturk has in the heart of the Turks, and why he is so important. There are 4 main components to the massive memorial including: the Road of Lions, Ceremonial Plaza, Hall of Honor, and Peace Park. Ataturk’s tomb is located in the Hall of Honor. While walking through the different parts of Anitkabir, you will learn more about Ataturk’s philosophies and accomplishments, and his importance to the creation of a modern nation.

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Temple of Augustus and Rome

Turkey is the home of many ancient ruins throughout the country, and although Ankara is the modern capital, it also harbors some of its own antiquity. The Temple of Augustus was built between 25 and 20 BC by the Roman Empire, during its conquest of the region. The ruins are located in the northern part of Ankara, near the Citadel, and are free to visit.


Hostels are a new phenomenon to Turkey, and are only just developing in its largest city of Istanbul. Although you will be able to find affordable accommodations in Ankara, they will be pricier than budget hostels in other countries and cities. The Sahinbey Hotel is a two star hotel that is located minutes away from the Ankara Citadel and the Anatolian Museum, which are in the heart of the city. Ankara has an extensive metro system, and the Sahinbey Hotel is located a short walk away from the Ulus metro stop. The hotel has 25 rooms, with a bed capacity of 55 beds, and is a fairly new establishment. The price of your stay includes free breakfast, linens, and towels, and there is a restaurant and internet access on site. Room costs range from 24 to 36 euros per person. This is one of the cheaper hotels in Ankara, but despite the price, there is definitely a hotel feel to its rooms and amenities.

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