Backpacking In Amman

in Jordan

Though a large city of 2 million inhabitants, Amman is also rich in history. Its history goes back over nine millennial, dating back to the Stone Age and one of the cities to visit when backpacking in Jordan. It is also home to one of the largest Neolithic settlements in the Middle East. Amman has survived several ancient empires, including the Roman and Byzantine Empires, and has remained the center of culture, art, and history in Jordan and the broader Middle East.


Amman offers highly regarded places to stay for prices even cheaper than those found elsewhere in Jordan. The Farah Hostel is located in the heart of the historic downtown area of Amman, but it still offers the quiet you may need if you are trying to catch a few hours of sleep. The hostel offers internet access, international calling and faxing, and laundry facilities. The staff will even help you arrange trips to elsewhere in the country.

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The Farah Hostel has 24 different rooms, each a different type. There are single, double, and triple rooms, as well as quads, rooms of 6, and larger dorm rooms. The single, double, and triple rooms are equipped with bathrooms and air conditioning, and all rooms are equipped with satellite television and a telephone. Breakfast is offered for free daily, and towels and linens are also free of charge. Bed costs range from a low 5 euros per night per person upwards toward 20 euros per person.

The Abbasi Palace Hotel is located in the same area as the Farah Hostel, in the historic district. Significantly larger than the Farah Hostel, the Abbasi Palace Hotel was renovated recently in 2007, meaning that the furniture is quite fresh.

With 40 en-suite rooms, this hotel has plenty of space. There are single, double, triple, and dorm rooms, as well as suites with 3 bedrooms and 4 beds. All rooms are equipped with either air conditioning or fans, and their cost can range from 6 to 17 euros per night. Additionally, the hotel offers free internet access in the building, free breakfast, and free toilet paper, among other things. A free meal everyday will allow you to save money for something else.

Traveling Within the City

The most convenient way to get around Amman is by taxi. The standard yellow taxis are reasonably priced, but white taxis in the city are a bit cheaper and run differently. White taxis, or service cars, in Amman have fixed routes and go to specific places, which are specified on the door of the car. These taxis are shared with others the driver may pick up on the way to your common destination. Drivers are less likely to speak English, so it is best to explain where you want to go in Arabic if you are confused and if you are able to.

To get around to most places in Amman, your taxi fare should add up to about 2 or dinars when the meter is on—be sure to get into a cab with a working meter so that the driver does not try to rip you off. A taxi from the airport into the city will run you about 20 dinars.

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